Giving is a part of what we do at Life Church. We want to be a generous church serving God and others.  As you give, we get to give and help others, and influence the greater East Bay Area.  God asks us to test Him in this area to give, and to give cheerfully.  Join us in trusting God with your finances.  And giving is easy, just click here or the link "Give" in the upper right hand corner.  You can always give on Sunday morning as well.  

360 Giving is a group of fully committed individuals and families who prayerfully commit to give, over and above their tithes to extend the Kingdom of God to those in need. We support foreign missions and missionaries, invest in planting churches, as well as local community mercy ministries. The goal began with a challenge of 30 people/families giving $30 a month to make a 360 degree change.

360 GIVING FOR THIS YEAR: (4/1/18-3/31/19) TOTAL $37,824 (Exceeding our $35,000 goal)

  • Puente De Amistad Missionary Support, House, and community outreaches. - $11,252

  • Heneman Missionary Support, Tijuana Mexico - $3,852


360 Giving 2017-2018: $30,967!!  (exceeding our goal of $25,000)

We are believing to surpass these goals and extend to additional outreach opportunities. Life Church may direct funds toward different outreaches with similar visions in response to needs and opportunities as needed.

360 Giving for Last Year: $18,243.48 (exceeding our goal of $15,000)

Puente De Amistad Missionary Support, House,  and community outreaches. - $8.406.38
Cuba - House for new church and support for a pastor for a year - $3,300
Christ for the City - La Carpio, Costa Rica - $1,500
Local Community Outreaches: (ie. - Monument Crisis Center, Salvation Army, Shepherds Gate, Contra Cost Food Bank. Bay Area Crisis Nursery... )  $1,537.10 (In addition, we provided clothing, food, and emergency supplies) 
Pacific Planting Network (Church Planting) - $500
Urban Life Church,  plant in Chula Vista, CA - $300
New Hope Christian College $500

Nicaragua - Missionaries Gaitans $700

Elida Girl's Home - Indian Orphanages - Missionaries Ron and Linda Wilson $1500