Summerfest Elective Descriptions 

Adrenaline Rush Games - We are going to be playing indoor and outdoor games, including different tag games, games with balls, parachutes, relay races and much more.  

Arts & Crafts – Each day you will create and work on a new Craft Project, including drawing, painting, glitter and glue. 

Cake Boss – Have fun with Fondant! You will learn how to decorate cupcakes like a pro! 

Cheer – 2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate? You will love this class learning new cheers and tumbling. 

Cook with a Good Book-Come join us as we find fun ways to make some of your favorite children's books come to life!  We'll be cooking, crafting and playing games.  There might even be some singing and dancing!!  Guaranteed to make you smile and see your favorite books in a whole new light. 

Cookies and Canvas-We will be snacking on cookies while painting a beautiful picture on your very own canvas. We will paint the picture together with a step-by-step demonstration while learning painting techniques. 

Crazy Computer Comics-- A class that teaches students to create characters using a computerized comic book app that can tell a fun story.  Students will learn and have fun in the process building their own comic world to share with others.   

Dance/Hip Hop– There are many ways to worship the Lord. Hip hop is a style of fun, funky and energetic way to express yourself! You will learn a dance to perform at the end of the week. 

Fairy Tale Theatre- Modern day story telling of some of your favorite fairytales through original songs and scenes.  

Fiesta! Cha, Cha, Cha- Will allow students to venture into Mexican culture. We will cook, listen to Latin music, speak Spanish, make some piñatas, and put together a Mexican fiesta on our last day together. 

Fun with Food – Mom always says “Don’t play with your food”, but in this class you will have a blast making all kinds of food, from snacks to delicious treats. Fun with food is a great way to learn a few creative ways to prepare easy yummy food. Your child will love to eat and share what they have learned in this fun, hands on class.  

Games Galore – Have a great time playing fun filled games. From board games, puzzles and card games the fun will never stop. 

Hot Wheels Fast & Furious-Each day you will build new tracks will hills and loops for your Hot Wheels Cars. They will race and compete to see what car wins the title of Fast & Furious! 

Photography & Photoshop-Fun interactive class where you will take photos and learn the art of basic photoshop. By the end of the week you will be a photoshop pro! 

Princess in Training – Sorry boys this is a girls only class. You will learn things like how to do your hair and nails with some “pros”. Also you will get a chance to be a princess at a tea party. 

Riddles, Escapes & Scavenger Hunts-Adventurers and smarty pants this one is for you. Join us for escape rooms, crazy scavenger hunts, and fun challenging riddles. 

Scouts/Pinewood Derby Cars -The Scouts will be putting on a Pinewood Derby class. The class will consist of the design and development of a car. The activity will include designing the shape, car decoration, wheel prep, race testing, and the Grand Finally will be a race on Sunday where trophies and awards will be handed out. 

Sew Much Fun-Whether you have experience with a needle and thread, or you want to learn how to make an easy stitch, Sew Much Fun is the place for you! From choosing our fabric to learning how to end your stitch, we will appliqué the basics of sewing in this week. The projects will range from simple to a bit of a challenge, depending on the ambition and ability of each person. The end result will be a project showing the quilting together of the skills they have learned! 

Silly Songs with Enrique-The part of the day where Enrique teaches you a silly song. A class you will laugh and sing all week. 

Singing Hands- A fun class where you will learn to sing with your hands as you are taught sign language. 

Sketch & Draw- This is a sketchy idea! You will learn how to sketch flowers, trees, buildings and how to put it all together in perspective to create your own masterpiece. 

Slime Time- It’s time for some hands on chemistry. Have fun and get your hands goopy while you mix up amazing creations! 

Sports Spectacular – Never a dull moment as each day holds a new sporting adventure including things like Kickball, Soccer and Basketball, just to name a few. 

Ukulele class- Ukulele is tons of fun and one of the simplest instruments to learn. Students are usually playing a song after just a few lessons! 100s of songs are built using just 4 simple chords that you can learn in a day. 

Wild, Wacky Science-Wild, Wacky Science is the perfect class for the little scientist in all of us. We will be doing a new experiment each day. From bubbles to creative thinking to explosions and more, you’re bound to have fun! There will be so much fun you will forget you are learning too!